Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's almost Time

So I've been doing awful keeping up with the blog and I'm really sorry :( However.. it's almost time to put into play all the training and hard work I've been doing.

In less than three weeks I'll be doing the half ironman... I'm not going to lie I'm scared as hell. Even though I don't feel prepared, I know that I am. Last Friday I did a 48 mile bike and a 6-7 mile run in the heat and I felt fine (actually I felt pretty good). I have been practicing nutrition and have finally nailed it down: an English muffin with peanut butter and hydrating with some carb filled mix that I put in my CamelPak... When I transition on the run I take some GU Chews :) They're pretty good but I might have the jelly beans first... For any of those who know me I'm obsessed with Jelly Belly's Performance Sports beans filled with carbs. Recently they've been hard to find, but I just stocked up on them and have a crap ton. The problem with GU Chews is that some people have a bad stomach reaction with them and can cramp up.. I had some of that when I tried it, but I've never really had problems with the Jelly Beans..

I need to mentally prepare. I need to be smart and take the biking easy. I've heard that many first time athletes try to go all out on the bike hurting them tremendously on the run. Running is my strongest sport, and although I'm not amazing- I can make up some time. I've heard tons of great advice to just finish, and to back off the resistance on the bike and take the first half at a steady pace and pick it up slightly as you progress on the last half... I appreciate all this advice and hope it keeps coming. Honestly, I'm proud of myself and even if I can't finish (which hopefully i will)- I know I did a good job.  I think there will be a cheering group for me and I am just so grateful to those who want to support me. That will keep me going.. I promise.. Right now I'm just taking it one day at a time... I'm not sure how my training plan will go in the next two weeks, but I need to make sure not to over do it ... Thank you for everyone's whos given me words of encouragement and support....

PS. Hopefully I'll get on the ball and be consistent with blogging :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Kim's Wedding!!!

Last night was amazing to say the least. I have never been to a wedding that was so unique and beautiful. I loved all the details and could tell how hard and intricately Kim planned the wedding. Not only did she have a canvas where guests could paint but she also had a photobooth where you could take sweet photos. I am so happy SP, SG and Tom came. I had a blast with them (especially Tom for his sweet dance moves with SP). I think going to this wedding made me realize how close mine is. I haven't been super excited about the wedding or even really planning any of it. I kind of have just been going with the flow figuring it'll work itself out.  I know I'm almost three months out but I still need to get all the details together... I should start following the knot checklist as a guidance and get all the checklist items with an alarm clock out of the way.... On a good note.. we picked out and ordered our wedding bands yesterday!!!!! It was so fun :) I'm glad we at least got that over with :) On the next things....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Craziest Work Week ever!!!

So this week has been absolutely insane. I had to work this past weekend and for a couple of hours these past few nights. UGHHH lol we have a huge deadline Friday so its critical we get everything done. I have been really stressed out and I think that its been hitting me that I'm pretty behind on a good amount of wedding things. 

Greg starts school this coming week to go back and get an accounting degree. He already has a BA but is going back to get another one. I'm glad hes going back to school. Things haven't really been the same since hes gotten laid off....

On the bright side.. living together has been really good. I think this is the best we've gotten along in a while. Weird huh lol

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Makeup Trial!!!

So I had my makeup trial and loveeeeeddd it :) I am sooo happy that I decided to give a full out trial with Leslie at Studio Cara. I think I was so hung up on trying to get my make up airbrushed that I wasn't willing to give the natural thing a try. Well I did and the pics came out gorgeous. My mom came up this weekend so it was nice to have her there with me. I usually get flustered with her but she was really cool! SG was there too and it was really nice to have a positive support team there for me :) I really liked it. She took pictures and so did my mom.... Its stayed pretty intact for the whole day and I even did yard work lol.. pretty awesome if you ask me.... It has passed the ultimate test. 

As far as life... well its been pretty crazy.. well when hasn't it been lol.. Work has been pretty overwhelming and stressful but hopefully it'll calm down soon.... Greg moved in and we've been trying to organize the house but it has been a chaotic mess. I've been working out but wish I could do more... 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anxiety of flying

Am I one of the only people who has anxiety when flying... probably not but why is it so hard to get over this fear? Is it the lack of control... probably...

I'm leaving to VA in less than a week and a half and all I can think about is my fear of flying... it sucks.. because this work trip is going to be awesome and alot of fun... I even went as far as to buy a book called the Fearless Flier's Handbook.. I hope it helps.. I even went on a website called Captain Lim. It's a retired captain who helps answer peoples questions (especially those afraid of flying)...

Well I'll be counting down the days and hopefully receiving my book soon so that I can start reading it and making progress towards curing my fear (:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Weeks!

So I officially made the two week mark at my job (: and I still absolutely love it. Hopefully this feeling will stay this way for awhile. So tomorrow is my first day off and I am so excited.. I can actually stay up past 10! We'll probably rent a movie or something...Last night was fun. We had our FOCCUS meeting (last one!) and it went pretty well. Its cool to see where your differences and similarities are. It took us a while to get through them but w/e it was good! Good to know. ... Other then that I haven't been doing too much trying to work out... I did the 5K this past weekend and got about a 27:23... want to try to break 27 soon...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week 1 Work Update

SO I finished my first week of work and I absolutely love my job.. I can't believe it... It is a weird concept to me. I love my team and some of the projects that I am going to be working on with the Coast Guard. I really hope that I can do big things at this place. Although I am an intern, I feel the need to contribute which is good and bad. Bad because the expect us to pretty much absorb everything we can. Not only is my team great, but my boss is too! He reminds me of Christopher Walken... yes Christopher Walken. He has been doing an awesome job helping me feel like I belong and showing me the ropes.. We'll see how the next week goes :) Also... I forgot to mention I am going on a work vacation the first week of July to VA. Crazy, huh? Now... if only I could get over this flying phobia problem I have lol... 

On the brighter side SP and I ran a 5 K today...I did mine in like 27 something... meh... I wish it was 26 something lol lame... Well shows I need to improve a little. Nikki is coming today and I am super excited!!!!! We'll see what the weekend brings :)